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Vegas 2023 Is Going To Be A Movie

The Golden Ticket… If you or someone you know has not received a Golden Ticket and you feel they should, please feel free to email us and we will certainly review their film and send them their golden ticket. 

  • The “Are You Certified LV 2023” Invitational is a pre-signing day showcase for players from youth levels 8U-14U through high school seniors. “Are You Certified LV 2023” will take place in Las Vegas Nevada January 12th – 15th 2022. Top players from across the country, will compete in full live contact games against other top players of the same level. Because it is an invitational, players will be invited to this event via golden ticket. For underclassman and seniors, “Are You Certified 2023” is a chance to showcase their skills, make a memorable impression on coaches and earn themselves an offer or scholarship. For seniors this is the last chance a college coach will get to see them or evaluate them in person. Games will be live streamed for prep school and college coaches to see. This is your time to shine! “Are You Certified” means exactly that! “Are YOU Certified ” to earn a scholarship or one of the top youth football players in the country? There’s only one way to find out. and that by receiving The Golden Ticket… If you or someone you know has not received a Golden Ticket and you feel they should, please feel free to email us and we will certainly review their film and send them their golden ticket. Las Vegas. Our partnership with Playbook 2 Recruiting connects student athletes directly with college coaches. Our last game opened the door for multiple scholarship offers and hundreds of recruiting opportunities. 


HOW TO GET INVITED TO “ARE YOU CERTIFIED LV 2023” Golden Ticket. We have trusted coaches, trainers and scouts across the country that refer us players that they feel should receive golden tickets based on their performance on and off the field. If you or someone you know has not received a Golden Ticket and feel you they should please feel free to email us and we will certainly review their film, profile and send them their golden ticket. For Las Vegas we are only giving away 400 Golden tickets across all levels, so please contact us as soon as possible. Once they are gone, they are gone.


WHERE WILL ATHLETES STAY FOR “ARE YOU CERTIFIED 2023”? Powered by Sportz Farm and its partners “Are You Certified  2023” is hosted by The Flamingo Casino & Resorts. For athletes and families traveling to Las Vegas, we have partnered with Caesars Entertainment Group to provide our guests with some of the best & most affordable living arrangements on the strip of Las Vegas, without breaking the bank. SPORTZ FARM Sportz Farm is dedicated to building a youth football atmosphere in which young men & women learn the value of effort, ambition, knowledge, passion, teamwork, and love. Unprofessional, aggressive, or abusive conduct is strictly prohibited at “Are You Certified LV 2023”. On-field or online, Sportz Farm will not tolerate unprofessionalism. “We will be fierce, devoted, and mentor your young men, but never lose sight of the significance of our statements and behavior.” ~ Coach Teko Hammary Founder of Sportz Farm


The All American Games and Showcase, powered by Sportz Farm is an opportunity for athletes from 8U to High School Seniors to participate in an ultimate game and training camp.   Athletes will compete and train with top athletes from around the country.  These games and showcase are engineered with a strong emphasis on recruiting opportunity and training.


The Sportz Farm inaugural games were held in Las Vegas in April 2018.  The idea for the games is to provide an opportunity for the top athletes from 8U to High School Seniors in the country to participate in ultimate game including a training camp.

Other games around the country provide similar opportunity to Seniors but Underclassmen and other ages do not have the same exposure.

The mission of The All American Games is to provide exposure for athletes to levels of football outside of their home areas, exposure for athletes and guardians to college and prep school recruiters.

2018 Games resulted in over thirty college scholarship opportunities and over one hundred recruiting opportunities


The 2021 All American Games and national showcase will be held in Atlantic City New Jersey dates March 31st-April 3rd

Our host hotel will be the Harrah’s Resort & Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey. Our games and Showcase will be held in at multiple locations all within a 10 mile radius.

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Register your team for the this years Youth All Star Weekend

We are accepting nominations for the 2020 All American Games Nominate an Athlete


All players and parents are required to complete the following forms online (as instructed per event) to be eligible to participate in events.

1 – Sportzfarm Waiver and Contract

2 – Sportzfarm Player Info Sheet

3 – Travel Waiver (this is required for all players traveling under Sportzfarm care without a chaperone


All teams traveling to Florida for the UYFL Tournament will need to submit the following forms (printed) with a copy of the players birth certificate and photo to your head coach.

The player may be excluded from the team if paperwork is not printed and submitted.

Click here to download all forms, information can also be found on www.unitedyfl.com



Athletes must be registered to National ID Paperwork instructions will be forthcoming as the tournament gets closer.

Paperwork instruction will follow in the next few days.  

Information on the tournament can be found at Canton Hall of Fame Website