Gregory J. Hopson Sr.

Gregory J, Hopson Sr. was born March 30, 1955 to the late Joseph and Marjorie Hopson and raised in Newark NJ. He is married to the lovely Mrs. Ida Hopson and has three children Haleema, Gregory Jr., and Frederick. He is also the proud grandfather of six grandchildren. Mr. Hopson is currently serving on the leadership team of Triumphant Life Church under the leadership of Pastor Lyddale Akins. His prior service record involves chairperson Prevention First Coalition of Monmouth County, vice President of the Asbury Park Board of Education, and member of the Neptune/Asbury Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance.

Mr. Hopson is a retired civiland human rights officer for the Steel Workers Union Local. He is also a distinguished veteran of the United States Army that strongly advocates for young people regardless of race, gender, social or economic background. He continues to earnestly emphasize that all children should be given the best possible education. Mr. Hopson also believes that all youth should have all the materials, instructions, curriculum, and guidance available to them that will enable them to be competitive in a constantly evolving technological age. He believes the children of Asbury Park and Monmouth county need to have greater access to the latest technology to help supplement their studies.

This would entice students to learn beyond the school day. Mr. Hopson has seen the effects of sitting on the side line and not getting involved. However, Gregory has stepped up to the plate, having felt the call to arms and has accepted that call in the same manner as answering the call to serve this country. The dynamics of this call involves fighting to educate a generation whose futures are on the line. Mr. Hopson firmly believes it is important to help save a generation because our children’s futures are too valuable to lose.