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Claims Their Online Profile Will Get You Discovered

College coaches and recruiters have a ridulously challenging task of sifting through 1000's and 1000's of student athletes to find a needle in a haystack. Put yourself in their shoes for a second and ask yourself "Would you spend hours searching through a database of 1000's of unproven, unqualified & unrecommended athletes? I think you get the point.

Extremely Low Fees

Recruiting done right requires hours/days/weeks/months of time in the form of setup, research, athlete/parent consulting, strategy, evaluation, personalized correspondence, followup and much more. Our average time spent to successfully get an athlete recruited is 40-50 hours. Anyone charging a few hundred bucks surely cannot afford to spend the time necessary to get REAL results.

They Make You Do All the Work

Many recruiting services wooo you with fancy graphics, training tools and aggressive sales tactics. But when all said and done you find out they expect you to write and send all the emails to coaches and recruiters yourself. They solely provide you with the information, send a handful (5-10 emails) on your behalf and the rest is up to you. RUN don't walk away from these kinds of outfits!

Mass Email Blasts

Coaches are much more interested in athletes that show genuine interest in the academic aspect of their school and have done their homework. They receive 100's of emails daily and can easily identify generic, non-personalized, mass blast responses which quickly gets deleted and tarnishes your reputation. Many athletes unknowingly destroy their rep with college coaches by hiring recruiting agencies who does this and causes more harm then help.

Anyone Can Signup

Real recruiters will not take money and represent anyone under the sun. Real recruiters are extremely selective because they work hard to establish credible relationships with college coaches and will not dare risk staining their reputation with poorly vetted recruits.


Results are everything. If the service your considering does not include testimonials from student athletes who specifically mention they were recruited because of their efforts, then don't believe the hype.

Get Recruited to Play Football in College

Dwight Wilkerson
Middletown North High School

"I just wanted to thank Sportz Farm for everything they've done for me during my off season. Everything you did for me couldn't go unnoticed. You've helped me the whole way through and pushed me beyond the limit. I'm so thankful for it all because not only did it make me a better player but a better man as well."

Jamar Small
Texas Southern University

"Sportz Farm provided more balance in my athletic and academic life. It's a great program that every student athlete around the country needs to use. It will truly help a lot of kids looking to make it to the next level"

Daquan Bland-Bennet
West Virginia Wesleyan

"I can't say enough good things about Sportz Farm. I feel like the program provides you with stability in not only your football career but also your life as a whole. They were always there and pushed me to go harder than I would have on my own"

Get Recruited to Play Football in College