Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email does this mean I’m automatically accepted?

No. If you are interested in participating you must push the link in the email. Fill in your information so that wemay complete the vetting process. Once your information is verified you should receive an email confirming yourspot in the game and/or showcase 

Coach we received an email instructing us to fill out the form but its reads “nominate an athlete”. Is this the right page?

Yes. The Nomination page serves as the registration page. We apologize for any confusion. Complete this page using Sportz Farm as the referral source. Use code “Sportz Farm” and you will get another email within 48 hours to confirm your spot. 

What are these tickets for and do family members need to purchase tickets?

The tickets are to confirm the athlete’s participation & position. Tickets are for athletes only, all family member can attend for FREE

What does the ticket cost cover?

The ticket price includes the cost of registration and following. Junior All-American game athletes will receive custom helmets, jerseys and pants. 10U and 14U Game athletes will receive jerseys and pants. All National Showcase athletes will receive customized shirts and shorts. Swag bags and other goodies as well. Ticket price does not include the athletes cost for hotel or travel to Las Vegas.

When I purchase a ticket will my spot be confirmed? 


I’m eligible to play in the game, do I need to bring my equipment?

Yes, all game participants will need to bring their own equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, girdle, cleats and pads for pants. All game participants will receive jersey's and pants. All showcase participants will receive customized t-shirts and shorts. Junior All-American athletes are the only ones who will be provided with All American game helmets.

Who can play in the games?

Eligible participants include 10U (meaning 10 & Under), 12U, 14U and 11th graders. The showcase is for all others, (NO Equipment Needed for showcase participants) the best of the showcase participants will be selected for next year’s game in Georgia 

I’m in the 10th grade can I play in the game?

No, athletes are only allowed to participate in age and grade-based events 

Is there an itinerary so we can make our travel arrangements?

Yes, you view the itinerary by clicking here. The opening ceremonies will begin on March 28th @ 5pm at Spring Valley High School... and will commence for the showcase participants on Friday @ 2pm... and Game participants Saturday tbd 

Is there a Host Hotel?

Yes, our host hotel is the World Famous Circus Cirus Hotel. Click here to book your room!;

Will there be college coaches at this event?

Yes there will be various coaches on site as well as viewing live. Our Goal is to educate the student as well as theparent on compliance, this forever changing reality of recruiting & maximize the exposure of the student athlete.